White Birch Resort Common Questions Asked

General Questions While Staying at White Birch Resort on Blackduck Lake

White Birch Resort Information can be found on this page. This page will give you a lot of the most asked questions with the answers while stay at White Birch Resort on Blackduck Lake. We are always available for questions but understand that most guests want to look up the information on their phone. White Birch Resort information used to be in strategically placed throughout the home or cabin. What we have got is a negative feedback as “to many rules posted”. So now, you will be given website page for all of your questions all in one place.

Please feel free to give this to all of your family members staying here so we do not get the same question asked over and over. 

Thank You and we hope you have a great stay at White Birch Resort.


The WiFi to connect to is WBR Cabins with the password being whitebirchresort.  The wireless router is located in each individual unit.  The best signal is on the main floor.

Coffee Pot Directions

The coffee pot is always left plugged in and  left on by the back switch. It will have hot water stored in it all times. To make coffee all you have to do is put coffee grounds in and then pour a pot of water into the top. Shut the lid and wait for the coffee to brew back thru.

If for some reason the coffee maker was shut off, turn  the switch back on in the back and let it set for 20 minutes to heat the tank of water back up.  To check if the coffee pot is on you can test the warmer switch on the front to see if it lights up. If it does light up it is on correctly.

Do not pour used coffee, half brewed coffee back into the tank as this will plug the system. 

Trash and recyclables

 The garbage is to disposed in a tied bag provided in a wood box trailer at the east entrance of resort. Please tie the bags and no fish guts since we do have a fish cleaning house for this. All trash goes here and is recycled completely by our county. You can put cardboard in the garbage cans next to the trailer.

Camp firewood

Campfire wood is free for you to use. It is located down on the east end of the pond by the pontoon awnings. For homes #1, 2, 3, 4 and 5,  you can use any of the wagons provided there to haul it to your fire barrel, which is by your cabin. Unit #8 has wood next to the backside of the cabin. Then #9, #10 and #11 can get their wood at a pile right in-between the garage doors close to your fire pit. Then for #12 you get your wood right next to  the side of the cabin.

Pontoon Keys

If you have a pontoon rental please text Monte at 218-553-0209 to get the key and the watercraft  101 directions.

Kitchen Area

Please make sure to wash all your dish’s and any kitchen utensils you have used and put away. If you leave dirty dish’s or scorched pots/pans you will be billed for these.

Do not put any hot items on quartz  island or wood tables with out appropriate heat pads.  

Walking Trails

We have walking trails on our 150 acres next to the resort. If you go out the west end resort entrance and go about a 1/8 mile there is a driveway on your right. The main trail goes straight to the Blackduck River and is the most used. We do have a deer food plot located which you will see, please do not go on this.

Hot Tubs

Please keep the hot tubs covered as much as possible to conserve heat. During the winter i provide extra insulated blankets since if these are left off the hot tub will not stay warm enough. It is a lot easier to put the covers on as you getting  out and to get them on correctly.

Check Out Procedure
  1. CHECKOUT is before 10am as cleaning staff will be there ready to begin cleaning for next guests.  Please leave the door unlocked and the key on the table.  Please do not leave any food in dishes within the refrigerator.  Please discard of any used/opened perishable foods and leave any unopened or non-perishable food or items for donation to our cleaning staff.  They very much appreciate it.  Please leave any unused cold items in the refrigerator. Please do all your dishes and put them away.  Remove all garbage  and put it in the outside container.   Check for all your personal belongings under beds, in couch/chair cushions, in drawers and in closets.  We do not want you to leave anything behind.  
Bed Linen

Please leave the bed linen on the bed and do not take it apart.

Beds and bedding

Beds and bedding is provided for amount of paying guests ONLY. All beds and bedding will be provided as follows- 2 guests to all full and queen beds, 1 guest to single beds.

Sun tanning products on linen

Please be aware if you use suntanning products. These stain our sheets very easily and you will be charged for the damage to the linen. We inspect all linen when we pull them off and you will be charged accordingly.  Sheets are $25  for a top, $25 for a bottom and $10 for each pillow case. 


If you park close together like at a mall you will have plenty of space. We do provide extra space for boats and  trailers  at the east end of the resort. Please do not park on the grass.


 If you fill the refrigerator  with warm groceries or drinks, it will take a day to catch back up to the correct temp.  If you brought a lot of drinks that are room temp please put them in a cooler with ice or the refrigerator will not get cool.


Fireplaces will be shut down and unavailable for use from April 1 to November 1.

Fish Cleaning

We do provide a fish cleaning facility during the warm seasons. It is located at the end of the white garage close the pool. Please put your guts in the bucket provided and wash down everything after you are done.


Pool hours are from 10am to 1/2 before sunset. No food or glass allowed in pool area. Pool is heated. If weather is colder than 65* it will not be open. Pool is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day. 

Smoking/Vaping not permitted?

Smoking/Vaping is not permitted in home. Please do not throw your cigarette buts on the ground especially in the winter.


Grilling is prohibited on decks and balconies or directly under porches. A gas grill is provided with all homes, except #9 and #10 as a free amenity for guests’ use. Grills are required to be cleaned by guests’ after every use. To light the grill we provide a lighter to use since 90% of the electric lighters quit working after a year. Make sure gas is not on before you start, then light the lighter and there is a small hole on the end of the grill to poke the lighter in. Then turn that side of the burner on and it will ignite. If it does not light immediately turn the gas off and wait 5 minutes. Always turn the gas bottle  off after every use. 

Contact for any other questions

Please give Monte a text or call at 218-553-0209. 

White Birch Resort is a beautiful lakeside resort located in Blackduck, Minnesota. The resort is situated on the shores of Blackduck Lake, which is known for its exceptional fishing and scenic beauty. White Birch Resort offers a variety of cabin rentals, many of which come with a complimentary pontoon boat, while others have the option of pontoon rentals for an additional fee. The resort also features several amenities such as volleyball, horseshoe, water toys, and easy access to hiking trails right on the resort grounds. If you’re planning a getaway to Minnesota and want to enjoy lake life, White Birch Resort is definitely worth checking out.