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Minnesota Attractions

There are plenty of Minnesota tourist attractions near White Birch Resort for a fun and exciting adventure. The list of historical sites and unique places to visit that are within an hour drive or less is numerous. The Minnesota adventure can be a short one hour trip to as long as a entire day experience. Some of Bemidji Minnesota Attractions most visited and photographed  parks, statues and land marks  are a short distance from your family vacation rental at White Birch Resort

Bemidiji MN Attractions
Bemidji MN Attractions

Bemidji Minnesota Day Trip

The first city on the Mississippi River, Bemidji is an #OnlyinMN destination defined by its small town charms and North Woods beauty.

 Located on the shore of Bemidji Lake this tourist town has a lot to offer for tourist to take in. Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox, the most photographed statue in the midwestern United States is always a good starting point. Visitors will experience Bemidji’s legendary logging history, unique Scandinavian and Native American culture, and abundant outdoor recreational opportunities. 

Bemidji MN Attractions

Itasca State Park

Established in 1891, Itasca is Minnesota’s oldest state park. Today, the park totals more than 32,000 acres and includes more than 100 lakes. Walk across the mighty Mississippi as it starts its winding journey 2,552 miles to the Gulf of Mexico. Stand under towering pines and visit landmarks of centuries gone by throughout the park. Camp under the stars or stay the night in one of our 45 overnight units. Explore Wilderness Drive past the 2,000-acre Wilderness Sanctuary, one of Minnesota’s seven National Natural Landmarks.

Lost 40 in MN

Explore The Lost 40

Experience the forest of yesteryear at the Lost 40. Minnesota was one of the largest timber-producing states in the country in the late 1800s, but 144 acres of red and white pines went untouched by loggers when a surveying error mapped the area as part of Coddington Lake. The survey crew’s error in 1882, became one of Minnesota’s greatest treasures. Today, less than two percent of Minnesota’s forested land contains old growth timber. The Lost 40 pines are 300-400 years old, originating when the pilgrims came to America. The trees remain as remnants of the natural resources that drew people to new frontiers and shaping America’s character. A one-mile, self-guided trail winds its way through the towering pines of the Lost 40.

CChippewa National Forrest

Chippewa National Forest

There is no better way to see the Chippewa National Forest than on a trail with enjoyable options for both backpacking and day hiking enthusiasts. The forest offers 26 non-motorized trails totaling 298 miles. Trails range from a half-mile to a 68 mile portion of the 3,200 mile North Country Trail that traverses from New York to North Dakota. Depending on the time of year, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and cranberries can all be found along the way for the picking.

Nearby Attractions

Minnesota is home to a wide variety of attractions that are worth visiting. One of the most popular destinations is the Mall of America, which is the largest shopping mall in the United States and features over 500 stores, an indoor amusement park, an aquarium, and much more. For those interested in history, the Minnesota History Center is a great place to learn about the state’s past and its role in shaping the country. The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness is a must-visit for outdoor enthusiasts, offering over a million acres of pristine wilderness for canoeing, camping, and hiking. Other popular attractions include the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, the Split Rock Lighthouse on the shores of Lake Superior, and the scenic North Shore drive along the shores of Lake Superior.