Top Ten walleye opener lakes in Minnesota-Blackduck Lake

Minnesota fishing resort located on a top walleye lake.

If you are not an avid fisherman, Blackduck Lake is a great lake to start on since it is easy to show you how to get started. I will gladly show you some of the fishing techniques I have learned over the years and also where to go on the lake. If you are after a Minnesota fishing adventure you deserve to check out Blackduck Lake. 

It does not seem as big as 2600 acres since there is a big island in the middle, which cuts down the wave action. There are so many different sand bars that a lot are within view of the resort. If you are wanting to fish for some pan fish there is a certain sandbar that will produce some nice crappie and sunfish. Walleye is the main fish sought after on Blackduck and the numbers this year are really high. This walleye class will be 15″-17″ this year and should make for some good action.  Also in the lake is the Northern which is well populated as well. The 2 foot length is caught pretty much year round if you switch to the type of fishing style at the time of the year. 

This lake is one of the best known Minnesota  walleye opener lakes in the state. The ice usually will be gone before most lakes in the region so the walleye are ready to bite. Check out our rates for some of the best deals on NEW accommodations for any size group you might have.

Make sure to get your fishing license which can be done online and done before you get here. Please visit this site to get your license DNR Minnesota fishing license

I do have a Guide service we are offering this year again. To reserve a Minnesota fishing guide please give me a call to see what is available. 218-553-0209

Minnesota walleye fishing
Walleye Fishing in Minnesota

Blackduck Lake

» 2600 Acres

» 28′ Maximum Depth

» 15′ Average Depth

» 8.5 Miles Shore

» Island in the Middle which does cut the lake in half almost so you do not get the wave action to bad

» 90% sand bottom

» 2 Public concrete boat landings

» Lots of weeds for cover

» This lake has a lot of structure

Type of Fish in Blackduck Lake:

» Walleye

» Perch

» Sunfish(blue gill)

» Northern

» Crappie

» Bass

» Rock Bass

» Drum (sheep head)

Type of Fish in Blackduck Lake:

» Walleye- 6 in possession with 1 over 20″ a day

» Perch- 40 in possession and 20 a day

» Sunfish (blue gill)- 5 in possession but these will be dinner plate size (10″ to 12″)

» Northern Pike- 3 a day

» Crappie- 10 in possession

» Bass- 6 in possession

Description of Blackduck Lake from Monte Sharbono (owner of White Birch Resort):

This lake is a great walleye lake. If you take the time and look at the DNR Survey done by them it will show you how many fish are actually in a lake. I know everybody promotes their lake as a top walleye lake so this is why you really need to look at these surveys and be able to understand them, they do not stretch the truth. Call me and talk to me about these surveys and I will gladly help you understand the reports. Most people who come to this lake are after the walleye, since it is a good naturally reproducing lake. The size of the lake really helps when you choose a lake also. Blackduck Lake is not huge so it is easier to learn how to fish.

In the early part of the year most people will troll with live bait and a snell (lindy rig) using minnows. Then when the water warms a little (55*) you can start using leeches in place of minnows. Once the water gets to about 60* you can start using night crawlers.

Once the water warms to 65* and the weeds start coming up in the lake you need to change your trolling techniques. I start using crank baits and all of the above baits as well. There are only about 2 crank baits I use on Blackduck Lake but they really seem to work. We do have these for sale in our lodge.

The sunfish in Blackduck Lake are HUGE but are getting harder to find. A lot of these fish are taken home to be mounted and hung on the wall.

We do have a GREAT class of crappie in the lake as well. These fish are becoming more abundant and are also some nice wall hangers.

There are northern in this lake as well and you will catch some 30” when you are out trolling for the walleye. You will also catch some smaller ones but not a bunch.

The perch in Blackduck Lake are the most abundant of all fish in this lake. This is why this lake is the 2nd busiest for ice fishing in Beltrami County, coming in behind Bemidji Lake. If you are after some perch winter is the time to come. You can also catch them in the weeds in the summer time.

Large Mouth Bass are abundant in this lake as well but is a four letter dirty word in Minnesota.

There are a lot of these here to catch in the heat of the summer if you can find the spot where they come in to feed at night. We do catch them like hot cakes at the mouth of the river when it is flowing fast. This is a great place to take the kids and let them reel in some 6-8lb bass in. None of the locals will ever be caught fishing for bass so these fish are waiting to be caught and are fun to catch when you find there feeding spots.

Fresh water drum are in the lake as well. You will on a occasion hook a 10lb drum and think you have the granddaddy walleye until it comes up to view and then you are shocked. There are a lot of these that come up the Blackduck River and get trapped there. The river is along our resort and flows out of Blackduck Lake and goes north, yes north, to Lower Red Lake. This is another reason for the walleye in Blackduck Lake. In the spring when the river is flowing at full force it is awesome to watch the walleye jump up over the dam into the lake.

The 250′ dock is the best place to take kids fishing. Just hand them a slip bobber set up and have them go at it. You do have to weed the small fish out but it will defiantly keep them busy.

This is where Monte likes to help out. Just ask him and he will gladly get you going.

The Map from the DNR does not show hardly any of the structure that is on the bottom. There is another map being done which should be out sometime this year. I do have a map of my own I give to our guest when they come here to Blackduck Lake. There are a lot of little pointers marked on the map as how to troll or where the sand bar runs.

If you have any questions about the fishing in this lake or the surrounding lakes give me a call and I will help as much as possible. Even if you do not stay at White Birch Resort I will give you some pointers just not all of the secret ones, they come when you stay here.

Guides Available: 4 Hours at $350/Day, 8 Hours at $600/Day based on 2 people.

Must be arranged before arrival to book the date.

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The Minnesota Northwoods is a great destination for fishing enthusiasts. The lakes in this area are home to various fish species such as walleye, bluegill, and northern pike. Whether you are an experienced angler or just starting out, you are bound to have a successful fishing experience here. You can set out from the dock in the morning with the intention of catching fresh pan-fried walleye for lunch, but if you don’t have much luck, you can still enjoy a delicious meal of northern pike. Simply dredge the fillets in seasoned flour, fry them in an oiled pan, and serve them with fresh lemon wedges. This is a popular way of enjoying fish in the Northwoods Country style. Apart from walleye, northern pike, and muskies, you can also find other fish species such as largemouth bass, panfish, crappie, and bluegill. Fishing for panfish can be a thrilling experience, especially with ultra-light gear. Once you hook a slab-sized crappie or chunky bluegill, you’ll feel their power on the other end of your line. One of the best things about fishing in the lakes of the Minnesota Northwoods is the opportunity to land trophy fish. These lakes are still pristine and haven’t been over-fished by the general public. If you plan to fish in this area, make sure you obtain a fishing license beforehand. Overall, the Minnesota Northwoods is a great place to go fishing and enjoy the outdoors.

The state of Minnesota is home to a variety of fish species such as walleye, bluegill, and northern pike, making it a popular fishing destination in the state. Anglers can set out early in the morning and aim to catch some fresh walleye for lunch, but if they have trouble, they can easily switch to catching northern pike. To prepare a delicious meal, anglers can coat the fillets with seasoned flour, fry them in oil, and add some fresh lemon wedges.

Apart from the larger fish, there are also other fish species to catch, such as largemouth bass and panfish. Panfish are easy to catch and can provide an exciting fight when hooked, especially if using light gear. A crappie or bluegill can also make for an excellent meal.

Minnesota is known for its pristine lakes that are not yet over-fished or overcrowded. Anglers looking to fish in the area can obtain a fishing license and explore the lakes to catch some trophy fish. For more information on fishing licenses and the fish species found in the Minnesota Northwoods, refer to the resources provided below.From walleye to bluegill to northern pike, you’ll find a variety of species while fishing the lakes of the Northern Minnesota . It’s a major reason why anglers have such great success among all the general fishing areas in the state of Minnesota. You can push off from the dock in the morning, intent on a shore lunch of fresh pan-fried walleye, find the going a bit tough and instead “settle” for a banquet of delicate northern pike. Dredge the fillets in seasoned flour, slide ‘em into an oiled pan and slice a few fresh lemon wedges. Now that’s eatin’—Minnesota style.

Ferocious muskies, predatory northern pike and log-sized walleye aren’t all you’ll find while fishing here. Set your hook into a largemouth bass and get ready for the fight of your life. Like a bit faster action? Then go after panfish with an ultra light and hang on, because they’re easy to find and catch while fishing in the area. A slab-sized crappie or chunky bluegill feels surprisingly powerful on the business end of light gear. About the only outdoor meal that might top fresh walleye or northern pike is a mess of caught-today panfish.

Folks who fish the lakes of the Northern Minnesota enjoy the reality of landing trophy fish. Our pristine area lakes have not been discovered or over-fished by the general public. Find out how to get a fishing license for your trip to the Minnesota Northwoods, as well as more about the fish you can catch below.